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Security guards aren’t just for celebrities. A security professional, trained to provide safety and support at your small business or special event, just might save the day. The front-end invest-ment of event security provides priceless peace of mind, while small business security can save you money by deterring crime and shoplifting. From your business operations to your fancy soirees, here are the 15 reasons it’s wise to hire security.

Perks for your Business
A security guard at your business might bring to mind high-drama action movie rife with shattered glass and stolen jewels. While exciting, it’s more likely that there will be no fight scenes or weapons deployed. The mere presence of a uniformed security guard provides safety in itself. Here are the way it will benefit your small business;

  • Less stress for you as the owner-when someone has your financial and physical back, you can focus on running your company
  • Shoplifting, crime, and employee theft take a nosedive with an on-site security presence
  • Someone will actually be watching your security cameras, stopping trouble as it starts
  • By investing in your employee safety, you boost morale and dedication
  • Trained guards take witness statements and collect evidence in case of a crime or accident
  • Escort employees and customers after dark
Perks for your special Event
From private parties to corporate affair, a security guard adds a stabilizing presence to any event. Hire them as crowd control for large neighborhood gatherings, to ensure safety at a sorority party, or to manage the front door if you’re hosting a concert.
Many venues now require a security guard if alcohol is being served, so check the agreement. If you’re shy about a uniform, request they dress in plainclothes to match the occasion. They’ll be there if you need the, but no one else will notice. Here are the ways a security guard will safeguard your special event;

  • Monitor guest list, ensuring you’re not put in the awkward position asking someone to leave
  • Handle crowd control if it’s a large event such as a concert
  • Meet venue requirements if alcohol is being served
  • Deter rowdy behavior
  • Keep guests safe
  • Escort guests to cars and transportation after dark
  • Deter crime or theft
  • Have a professional on hand in cast of accident or crime
  • Keep cars safe by avoiding parking lot break-ins
Things to consider when Hiring
Feel safe with the person hired to keep you safe. Ask some questions before hiring someone to make sure you get the best in the business. Research the security company to learn if they;

  • Do background and security tests of employees
  • Perform regular drug testing
  • Offer employee training and have standards in place of who works for them
  • Offer armed guards-often armed is unnecessary unless you have high risk situation. You want only the highest trained guards if they’re armed as there is more risk of liability involved
  • Offer ‘observe and report’ guards-a more practical option for most small businesses and special events, wherein guards are trained to take statements and collect evidence in the case of a crime or accident. Their main job is deterring crime via their presence

A security guard given you peace of mind to sure all you do at your wedding reception charity event or day-to-day work life is enjoy the moment a hand.

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guard-99 security are often overlooked when we think about professions, but it is a very serious job. There are over 1 million security guards employed in the United States, and although it is not the best paying job, security guards are integral to the protection of the public and property.

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The following targeted resume samples for a guard-99 security position are specifically designed to entice the hiring manager. Feel free to select one and modify it as per requirements of employer.

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